Viewing platform

You can view the layout of your website on the temporary accommodation


From this site you can look at your website in progress and terminal to validate it is online.
For this you need an access code provided by your Internet consultant.


You are a graphic designer, programmer, web designer or SEO? We have implemented this tool to all our internal and external stakeholders to share the ongoing sites.


You can, thanks to this platform, showing the current website to your customer. This stand also allows you to check its compliance with the project and validate the site with the customer.

The shared workspace

A tool to view, correct and validate websites before they appear online !

current trends

The flat design! It meets the current criteria: speed, lightness, accessibility, simplification and clarity.

the webspace partners

The best way to succeed in webdesign is to not be afraid to share his ideas with others!

You need to use this workspace?

If you are client, web designer, integrator, consultant, SEO, programmer or another speaker: Get in contact with webspace for your access code.


Our group works on all web services. Our goal is to be able to intervene anywhere in the world and contribute to enhancing the image of companies working internationally. In the era of globalization, we want to participate in the development of their international business.

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